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  • We provide LATAM EXPORTERS with the guidance to develop your business in Israel


  • We also provide ISRAEL EXPORTERS with the guidance to develop their businesses in LATAM

  • We are dedicated to help you to start, grow, expand and succeed in today's economy.

Our Expertise are

  • Market research in consumer goods Agro Technology Innovation, Water Treatment and Resources, Automotive Security Devices and Applications.

  • Branding Strategy Platform

  • E-commerce platform for your business

Our advantages

  • We know the cultures

  • We know the languages

  • We open windows of negotiations

  • We have many years of experience in developing businesses


Using Innovation will save you time, money and other resources and give you a competitive advantage over other companies.

Mdtech7 will be with you in the process of innovation of your company.

The bridge between Latin America - Spain

Mdtech7 is a private consulting company and a business focal point for a number of crucial business services. Our main objectives are business development, entrepreneurship and consulting for companies in Latin America, Portugal and Spain - companies that are interested in Israel's innovative low and hi-tech industries and its cutting edge innovations.


Mdtech7 has a Branding Strategy Platform, which specializes in designing, building and implementing place branding strategies for cities, regions and countries.  

We also design Minded Cities, that is, cities that focus their daily activities on the mental health of its residents and tourists. We ensure that the city's residents attain a mental balance in all urban activities by experiencing genuine calmness, tranquillity and happiness. 

By working in conjunction with your local municipalities, councils, governments and tourist boards, we can optimize the potential of your location and your residents.

We also provide a second business line for the low-tech industry an eCommerce platform in conjunction with e-commerce planning, which provides small businesses with leading-edge expansion in their domestic markets. Our low-tech industries, also known as, our traditional industries, are highly significant to our economies. Our traditional industries need to be strengthened as they too, deliver significant economic advantages.  In order for hi-tech innovation to become more state of the art,  a clear understanding of the effectiveness of traditional industries is required.


We link companies to the Israeli market through our in-depth market research, the language, the culture and our broad business expertise, both in Israel and globally. 

Our savvy knowledge of the market will open the window of opportunity for negotiations directly with the CEO of startup companies.  We offer customized services, based on the objectives of your company.

Creative  and bright marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

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